Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Grand Opening

I changed this entire blog, except for its original post. I can't believe it has been over six months since I have added a post. JD and I have been married for nearly 5 months which is odd because it seems like those months have flown by. However, JD and my bond to one another has made us feel like we have been together for much longer. The special thing about marriage is the vow to be in charge of one another's happiness. It's one of the best rewards in life! On another note, I picked my blog's title as a metaphor. Some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen were the ones not intentionally planted. Wildflowers are not nurtured like your grandmother's garden, they are survivors but also have the advantage of freedom from the cookie cutter lifestyle. I believe a lot of people in this world can make light of any adversity if they realized the beauty they posess within their soul. Life is unpredictable, but that also makes us free. We are the beautiful survivors. More to come soon lovelies.

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