Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting On April

I am extremely anxious for April, it's a beautiful month. I'm excited to feel warm sunshine and see the redbud and magnolia trees blooming. I'm also excited to be 26 on the 23rd, every year I gain more wisdom and many more memories. JD's band, New Addiction, will be playing a show at the Hard Rock Cafe on the 22nd and promoting it as my birthday show. I get to pick out the playlist and I hope to see many friends out! My actual birthday will be spent getting my friend Holli's flowers ready for her wedding and attending the wedding. I think it's a wonderful way to spend my birthday, to see a friend so happy on their big day!:) JD will be playing guitar throughout the processional and bridal march, so I'm very excited to see him perform a wedding! Easter will be spent at my aunt and uncle's farmhouse in Rossville, IN. We are having a fish fry since my uncle is the master of frying the tastiest fish I have ever tasted. He also butchers the best ribeyes! Many more exciting things planned: concerts, birthdays, seeing dear friends from out of town, Indians baseball, another wedding, meeting new brides to talk flowers with, and did I mention spending time in the sunshine? I'm waiting for you April...

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