Sunday, December 8, 2013

Today's Think It question is: What have I made this year?  Well, I made a baby.  That's a pretty big accomplishment.  I did not have a great pregnancy.. nausea/heartburn all nine months, sciatic nerve pain, terrible insomnia in the third trimester, and a bruised rib from a hard kick at one point.  I also have fibromyalgia so I definitely felt the pain of a growing belly and frequent migraines.  And then there was labor, oy vey.  Not that labor is fun, but I did not have the greatest of experiences when it came down to get Raven out.  Drugs did help the first half of the day (I was induced), but the drugs didn't seem to help when it got close to pushing time and I ended up pushing for over 3 hours.  I am lucky that I did not have to have a c section and that the baby and I both were healthy at her birth, but labor was definitely worse than I imagined (which I guess is a good thing because I didn't have too much anxiety about labor while I was pregnant).

Other less important things I made this year was a garden, a scarf, some jewelry, a mom blog, wedding flowers for about 12 weddings, a new journal, my own bath product, some new recipes, and a scrapbook for Raven.  I guess I like making things, including babies.

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