Monday, December 16, 2013

I took a Think Kit hiatus this last week because I was literally so sick that it hurt my eyes to even look at a computer screen.  I was tested on Friday for Strep and Influenza and I tested positive for BOTH.  Get your flu shots, kids.  The good news though, is that I never really had a fever because I stayed on top of my tylenol or ibuprofen like a boss.  I am still very drained of energy and have a sore throat but today was the first day I had my voice back since Tuesday night.  I think my husband actually enjoyed my lack of talking just a little bit.  On top of that, Raven had a cold (just a cold thank goodness) but that did not make things easier for me.

Moving on, today's Think It question is: what did I discover this year?  When the weather got warm, I started taking Raven on daily walks which she thoroughly enjoyed.  We don't live far from Broad Ripple Park which I hadn't really explored before so I took her for walks over there.  By the way, Broad Ripple Park was an amusement park in the 20's and the Broad Ripple Park pool was one of the largest swimming pools in the nation at the time and they held Olympic swimming trials there!  Yea for learning history!  Anyway, I discovered a lot of great things while at Broad Ripple Park this past spring/summer/fall.  There is a terrace that overlooks the White River which is very serene.  By this terrace, there were absolutely stunning wildflowers.  Despite the White River being known for being dirty, I could look down from the terrace and see fish swimming.  It is a lovely, relaxing nature area in the heart of Broad Ripple.

Not only did the baby and I discover this little piece of nature spot, we also made use of the baby swings at the park.  They also have this giant seat that is on the swing set that I admittedly enjoyed swinging on.  We also enjoyed watching all the happy dogs in the dog park section.  Raven LOVES dogs so hopefully we can get her one in the future;)

Obviously being a first time mom, I have discovered a lot of things in general this year, but I wanted to give a shout out to Broad Ripple Park for being awesome and I'm glad I was able to really discover it with my daughter this year!  Now, let's skip winter so Raven and I can go back and play on the swings again!

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