Friday, December 6, 2013

Well I decided to start Think Kit, a daily question to blog about.  I actually had written an entire blog and then my baby decided to hit the keyboard and it was alllll gone.  So here I go again: how do I plan on getting involved in my community this coming year?  Well, it's been hard for me to do a lot of activities outside the home since becoming a stay at home mother aside from my floral design business.  The past few months, I have donated outgrown clothing and baby essentials to a couple families in need and still have plenty I can donate to those in need this next year.

As for being more involved in the community, I would love to help, but I am a little stumped on how/where I can help that doesn't take time away from my mom job.  The best solution I have found is to use my voice via social media.  I will continue to promote organizations, events, and fundraisers through the world wide web, even if I can't attend all of them.  Being on a tight budget, I can't necessarily donate to all the causes I would like to, but I will try this year to get some volunteer work in.  I want to lead by example to my child and hope to show her the importance of giving back, to think of others and help where you can.  I know she's too young to understand now, but hopefully she will learn to become a selfless person and realize the importance of community.                      

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