Friday, December 26, 2014

100 Acres Park is AWESOME

ThinkKit's prompt today is to talk about a place that stood out to me this year.  The first place that came to my mind is the 100 Acres Park on the IMA Museum's grounds.  I have been there before, but they have added new installations to the park which are REALLY cool.

One summer morning, I loaded Raven up in the car and drove to the IMA museum.  I will admit, walking all those steps down to 100 Acres and holding a heavy toddler was a workout and not so much fun.  We finally got to the first installation in the forest full of different signs and Raven LOVED it.  It was amazing to see her look at every sign and study each one.  We made our way over to the log with swings on it and she didn't want to stop swinging, she was having such a blast.  I thought this installation was just beautiful and appreciated the fact that it had swings so it was also like a playground.

Everyone I'm sure is aware of the skeleton installation (The Fault In Our Stars showed it in theirmovie). Raven loved playing on that, and I loved watching her play on it.  The funny thing about my daughter is she is pretty fearless even though she's not even two years old!  She was hopping up and attempting to jump off the bones while I quickly grabbed her to prevent her breaking a bone (ironic right?).  She also loved the open field to just run while the sun shined down on us.

We made our way over to the two ponds in the park and it was quite relaxing despite having a rambunctious toddler.  We even wandered in the woods a little bit because the weather was perfect and it seemed like all the bugs were leaving us alone.   Raven loved the mixture of art and nature just like me.

I will never forget this day because it was so peaceful and a lovely time with my daughter.  The IMA grounds are also so beautiful but 100 Acres is VERY cool.  If you haven't been and live in Indianapolis, I highly recommend going even though you have to walk down a ton of steps and back up them to get to the park.  Indianapolis is lucky to have such a place so do yourself a favor when it's nice out again and go!

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