Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Come back Spring!

ThinkKit asked me what I look most forward to in 2015 and since we don't have any specific trips or big events planned, I would have to say the return of Spring.  I like Indianapolis, it's a big city with a small town feel.  My sister lives 20 minutes away and my in-laws live 25 minutes away which is great because my mother in law watches Raven part time so we can save money on daycare.  My mom lives an hour away, so as you can see, I love having family close by.  But I HATE this place November-March.  I hate coats, I hate dry skin, I hate the rush of cold air on my face, I hate shivering, I hate snow and ice (especially scraping it off my car), I hate the darkness that is also bone chilling cold, I hate being stuck indoors with a toddler because I'm too cold to want to bundle her up and attempt to play outside, I hate how bad Indy drivers can be when the roads are slick, I hate wearing shoes (flip flops or sandals are WAY better in my book), I could go on about what I hate about winter, but I think you have the idea!

If I hate winter so much, why do I live here?  Well like I said, I like being near my family (though I wish they all resided in the Southwest or a tropical island).  JD and I have job security here with a low cost of living compared to other cities this size in the South.  I love the fact that my daughter can see her grandparents and aunts and uncles so that just makes moving harder.  We'd also have to get substantial raises to afford moving and living comfortably in a warm dry place like Austin or Las Vegas. 

So since I hate the winter and everything about it (I literally do not like one thing about winter, hell I will take insects and sunburns as long as it's warm), the thing I look most forward to in 2015 is that first day where it's above 60 degrees and the sun is out.  I want to see flowers blooming again.  I want to take my daughter on walks around the neighborhood without coats on.  I want to feel the warm sun on my face.  I want to hang up my coat and put flip flops on.  Basically, my body and mind were meant for someplace south.  I don't care about changing of the seasons, how about one season where it's always at least 70 degrees?  I even love hot weather, which we didn't have much of this past summer. 

I probably have Seasonal Affective Disorder since I feel angry and trapped in the winter.  I've tried Vitamin D and a light that mimics the sun, but that doesn't help.  I'm still angry over the weather November-March.  Hopefully we will move south sooner than later, though I will miss a lot of people including my family.  I am just not meant for colder weather environments.  Womp womp. 

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