Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hey, Thanks.

ThinkKit's prompt today was to write about what I've been thankful for this year.  I feel like it would be cliche to write about how thankful I am for a healthy toddler, good marriage, new job, better health, etc. so I have decided to compile a list of little things I've been thankful for this year.  Sometimes the little things make a big difference in our lives, either way I am thankful for:

*Papa Murphy's $5 Pizza
*That first sip of coffee when I wake up (I'm a coffee drinker now, I can officially say)
*A new car that doesn't break down every 2-3 months (car payments make me sad though)
*Taylor Swift's 1989 (guilty)
*I have not broken my phone this year!
*Teaching my daughter eskimo kisses
*How about that $1.99 gas everybody?!
*The amazing pictures I got taken of Raven and me by Charles Letbetter
*All the wedding flowers I got to do, I love flowers so much!
*My husband's new band, Prowlers and the Prey (they put on AMAZING shows)
*The time I got to spend with family and friends
*My car being totaled, and I walked away completely unharmed (Thank you Oldsmobile)
*Seeing Ryan Adams perform
*The awesome parks Indianapolis has, Raven and I went to a lot of parks this summer
*Marriage Equality in Indiana!!!!
*Finding a daycare that my kiddo loves
*Pinot Grigio
*All the new bands I've discovered thanks to Alt Nation on Sirius Radio
*All the nostalgia I get from 90's on 9 on Sirius Radio as well!
*So many fun weddings and birthday parties JD and I got to go to
*New glasses so I can see better
*Cosmic brownies
*All the babysitters that have watched my little girl
*The Walking Dead
*Don't forget Game of Thrones!
*Endless Love (plot line is stupid, but Alex Pettyfer hellooooooooo....)
*My Target Red Card

I hope you enjoyed my list of some things I'm thankful for this year off the top of my head.  I know it's random, but so is my brain.  I'm betting 2015 is going to be even better so bring it on!

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