Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm taking a timeout from ThinkKit today to write a really ridiculous poem about my daughter's favorite stuffed animal that my husband has named Purple Monkey Dishwasher (it's a purple monkey stuffed animal in case you couldn't figure that out).

Purple Monkey by Jenn King

Purple Monkey works hard washing dishes
So he can spend money on all of Raven's wishes
He got fired from Chili's, what a sad place to be
But he found a job at our local Applebee's.

Although he works, he will still snuggle with his girl
Because Raven is more precious than any rare pearl
Purple Monkey washes dishes late, late at night
So he is in Raven's crib by the time it is light.

Raven and Purple Monkey are the best of friends
A bond so tight that it will never end.
He goes with her to daycare and many car rides
He'll go with her anywhere, if time abides.

For Purple Monkey, he goes far above
To show Raven what it is to love
He may have to wash dishes to make ends meet
But his loyalty to his friend is really quite neat.

Raven will get older, this is what we know
And her attachment to 'Purple' may start to slow
But he will always be there for the baby he adores
And will still be her friend even if she's forty four.

Purple Monkey is a great dishwasher and bud
Even when he grows old and full of crud
Raven will never forget her very first friend
What a silly poem, so this is the end!

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