Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review

Today is the last day of 2014 if you don't live in a cave, you already know that.  I'm planning on ringing in the new year with good friends at a casual party (The in-laws are babysitting overnight, woo!).  I feel like every year, the last day of the year brings upon a lot of reflection about the highs and lows of that year.  Here is a little summary of my year.

2014 did not start off well.  I was still having stomach issues which was depressing me and we had the polar vortex which forced my daughter and I to stay inside.  I was still mostly a stay at home mom and it was very lonely since my daughter couldn't talk to me and I couldn't really go anywhere with the bad weather.  I eventually joined a mom's group which helped being around adults and our kids getting to play together.  I hate January and February anyway, so I guess winter is never a fun time for me.

When spring rolled around, I finally had an answer and solution to my digestion issues and was able to start putting on weight that I had been losing like crazy.  We celebrated Raven turning one with family and friends!  Raven also started walking like a boss which was exciting but also brought about new challenges as a mother.  We also took a road trip to Austin, Texas for JD's cousin's wedding and we had a great time (and Raven did very well for such a long road trip).

Summer was fantastic, besides still having fibromyalgia and chronic sinusitis which I still deal with on a daily basis.  I got out with Raven everyday, ran, went to barbecues, saw Murder By Death, started working occasionally for other florists as extra help besides still having my own floral business, I dyed my hair red, I got a new car, I got to attend several fun weddings, I made some paintings, and I enjoyed the sunshine even though we had a cooler summer than I would have liked.  I also got in a pool more than once this summer!  Ok, I went to a pool twice but that's better than once the year before!

Fall was pretty awesome.  I started a new job at a logistics company which made me feel more productive as well as contributing money to the household.  It was hard the first couple weeks not seeing Raven all day, but it made me appreciate the time I had with her more after work.  We still had a little fun trick-or-treating despite how nasty the weather was.  JD and I also got to go see Ryan Adams and Butch Walker.  I can't leave out getting to see The Script and Howie Day, they were fun concerts as well.  JD started in a new band called Prowlers and the Prey and I have really enjoyed seeing their shows these past few months.

Christmas was good, Raven loved all the toys she got and I LOVE my huge 'The Walking Dead' graphic novel (books 5-8) that JD got me for Christmas.  It was nice to see family and play with my niece, nephew, and step nephew.  My mother also made the world's most delicious pot roast which I am still thinking about (I wish I could cook like her but I hate cooking).

I hope 2015 is even better than 2014.  My hopes for 2015 is that my sinus headaches get better, I get a promotion, my daughter gets potty trained, we take at least one fun family trip, I get more wedding floral business, and also do some more photo shoots since I only did 3 this past year and love modeling.  I also have some sketches I need to paint, I just need to get around to doing that!  This year, I am looking at the year ahead with hope instead of frustration.  I wish you all the same as well.

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