Monday, December 29, 2014

The Five Random People I'd Love to Meet

This weekend, I have been busy playing with my daughter and all her new toys so I have not blogged.  Today I am back with ThinkKit's prompt: what conversation would I want to have with the world and who are the five people I'd want to meet first?  Since I am a random person and don't have just one question to ask all five people, I have made a list of five random people and the one question I'd like to ask them...

1. Barack Obama- "What's up?" I'd love to meet the president and honestly if I met him, I'd have no idea what to ask him because I'd be too nervous to ask any thoughtful question so in all honesty, if I met the president, I'd just ask him what's up?  I think with the amount of what is going on in our country, he'd probably laugh and say, "You couldn't even possibly begin to understand." Then I'd give him a high five and tell my grandkids one day that I high fived the president.

2. Jennifer Aniston- "How pissed are you that Brad Pitt left you for Angelina Jolie?" I was a big Brad Pitt fan until he left Jenn and went on to adopt and procreate with Angelina Jolie (who I CAN'T STAND).  I don't care how much humanitarian work Angelina has done, she had an affair with a married man and that makes her a piece of shit in my book.  I'd love to have coffee with Jenn and just make fun of Angelina and how whipped Brad is by her.  Chelsea Handler is free to come along, as she is good friends with Jenn and I'm sure she has some much better punchlines to throw at that couple than I do!  I know it's been a long time, but I'm still mad about Brangelina!

3. Justin Bieber- "Can you please stop making music?"  Seriously.  He'd probably egg my house after I asked him that.

4. Jessica Lange- "Can we be friends?"  I love her.  So. Much.  I'd have a cocktail with her any day.

5. Casey Anthony- "What's it like being the most hated former mother in the U.S.?"  This case still bugs me to this day, especially now that I'm a mother.  Fine, there might not have been proof without a reasonable doubt that she killed or covered up her daughter's death, but HOW do you NOT report your child missing right away, why would you lie to police, and HOW could you go out and party while your DAUGHTER is missing?!?!?!  If my daughter went missing even an hour, I'd be calling all sorts of authorities and people while having a constant panic attack.  I'd be waiting at home for any answers and fully cooperating with law enforcement in order to find my daughter.  I'd be too upset to even leave my house, let alone party or get tattoos.  Did her daughter drown while she wasn't looking?  Maybe...but reporting that right away is a lot more responsible than making up a nanny and a job while dumping your own daughter into a swamp with duct tape across her mouth.  I hope she is living in her own hell for what she allowed her daughter to go through.

Anyway, happy Monday!:)

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