Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gone Too Soon

ThinkKit's prompt today is to talk about something strange that happened this year.  I will warn you that the first thing that came to mind was not something funny or a happy.  The strange thing is I have known 4 people around my age pass away this year.  I guess I consider that strange because I know people MY age dying which is weird but also extremely sad.  No parent should ever have to bury their child.

My husband's friend, Daniel, was delivering pizzas in January when he was shot and killed leaving the apartment he delivered to and had his car stolen.  Daniel was very loved by many friends, especially musicians in the Indy area as he was a musician himself.  I didn't know Daniel very well, but he was extremely kind the nights we chatted with him at the Alley Cat or saw him singing with his band.  I have seen my husband cry maybe twice and when he got the news, he sobbed.  I know many people miss Daniel and the way he was killed was so unfair.  I know his loved ones will keep his memory alive with what a kind soul he was.

My husband's former drummer also passed away this year.  I don't know the cause of death, but I know he had just welcomed a baby.  I know he was younger than me which makes me realize even moreso that death doesn't care what age you are, we are all vulnerable to it.  RIP Ben.

A former coworker of mine committed suicide a few months ago.  Of all people, I would have never guessed she would be depressed enough to think suicide was the only way out.  Rachel seemed very bubbly and excited about things going on in her life in the little time that I knew her.  I don't know if she was suffering then and putting on a brave face, or something happened after we didn't work together that made her upset enough to end it.  Suicide brings on so many questions.  Unfortunately, I've known several people in the last 10 years who have committed suicide.  I couldn't tell you why, but I hope their families and friends are finding peace as time goes on.

A great guy I knew named Todd who was a prominent hairstylist in the Indy area who I happened to work with on some photo shoots also passed away this year at the age of 38.  He had a heart attack a year ago and later found out he would need a heart transplant.  While waiting on a transplant, he had a major stroke and passed away.  I miss his sarcastic humor on social media and the fun I had working with him.  I wish he had found a heart and could be here today since so many people in our community loved him.

All gone too soon.  I hope they rest in peace.

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