Monday, December 8, 2014

All You Need is Love!

ThinkKit wants to know what stance I was vocal about this year?  I'm sure if you follow me on facebook, you know I am very passionate about marriage equality.  I have several gay friends and truly believe they should have the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.  Why should two consenting adults in love be denied marriage rights by our country based on a RELIGIOUS belief?  (Remember separation of church and state in our constitution?)  If you want to take one line out of the Bible and believe it to be the true word of God, then don't be hypocrite and stop eating shrimp, getting tattoos, and wearing clothing made of mixed materials (ABOMINATIONS!)  Also, here is a direct quote on what Jesus said about gay people, "                  ."

Ok, I get it.  You may be uncomfortable with the thought of gay people being married couples because you were brought up to believe homosexuality is a sin.  Guess what?  You DON'T have to marry a gay person or go to a gay bar or Pride parade, no one is forcing you to.  But it is wrong to deny them the legal rights of marriage as two consenting adults because you feel uncomfortable with the idea.  I feel uncomfortable with people having permits to carry guns around but I'm not going to attempt to have that right taken away and make an excuse that it's part of my religion to say it's wrong just because I personally feel uncomfortable with the idea.

I just wanted to point out that I am not shaming the people who are religious.  I completely understand the reasons behind someone being religious and I respect that. I do not respect, however, discrimination because of religion.  Actually, I do not respect discrimination at all.  There have been too many suicides and killings in this country due to bullying and discrimination of all kinds and it's time to STOP.  You have NO right to make someone feel like they are second class because of their skin color, gender, sexual preference, age, weight, or disabilities.  This country is so diverse and that's what makes it a fantastic country!

There was a time in this country where black and white people could not marry each other, how ridiculous does that seem now?  That is what gay marriage is going to be like in 40 years, the ban of it being a completely ridiculous thought.  Surprisingly, Indiana allows gay marriage now but we still have a ways to go before the whole nation allows it legally.

One last note, I want to say I am sorry on behalf of the heterosexual society to any gay/lesbian/bi/transgender that has ever felt alone, berated, bullied, or judged.  I can't imagine the fear of coming out to family and friends who might not agree with who you ARE.  My hope is that one day, there is never fear to come out.  There should never be a reason to be afraid about who you are. Love should always be celebrated instead of judged.

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