Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We need more hugs and less gunshots.

ThinkKit wants me to take a moment and talk about what world or national event happened this year that moved me.  Honestly, I didn't research TOO much about several events that transpired between cops and unarmed black men because it was just really depressing news to me.  All I know is that these men who were killed by cops were not carrying guns and were shot several times.. what the hell?!?!?!

Yes, I know there are two sides to every story but you can't help but question why cops were so trigger happy to these men who were not pointing guns at them.  Cops have to practice shooting, couldn't they shoot them in the leg if they had to shoot and then arrest the men?  What about NOT using guns and tazering or masing someone who is acting out against the police but unarmed?  How can you shoot someone several times who was not an immediate threat to your life, kill them, get away with it, and be able to sleep at night?

HOW did these cops get away with the amount of fatal shots they fired?  What about the death chokehold too caught on camera?  WHY are there cops choosing to kill.. especially in the black community?  What is going on with our country?

I have to be honest, I am a skinny white female but I have felt threatened by cops on numerous occasions instead of feeling protected.  I don't want to feel that way about law enforcement.  I wish no one felt that way about law enforcement (except people doing really illegal stuff obviously).   It seems cops and government care about protecting themselves at times more than the tax paying citizens paying their salaries.

There are GOOD cops out there, so please don't take this blog as a generalization that I think all cops are bad or don't protect citizens.  The purpose of this post was to raise the question of why gun violence is needed and why there are cops that would rather condescend people in their community than help build up the community.

Do I agree with the protests?  Yes.  Do I agree with the rioting?  No.  Rioting and looting stores because you're mad at the police doesn't fix anything and just worsens the situation like what's happened in Ferguson.  My thoughts go out to those who have been victims in the Ferguson riots.

I propose that this country as a whole needs more hugs and less gunshots.  Life is fragile and everyone including the police should respect that as well as citizens.  Hugs heal, and usually don't cause protests and rioting.

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