Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm Tired of Dealing with CRAP!

ThinkKit has asked me what I would want to disappear in 2015.  I mean, there are obvious things I think most people would wish for like no more violence, health ailments to go away, debt erased, etc.  But the first thing that came to my mind was crap.  More specifically, cleaning up disgusting toddler diapers!  Don't read on if you can't handle reading about Number 2's!

Raven loves to eat and with all this eating, she poops like an adult sized amount 2-4 times a day.  Her gut is also sensitive to mucous so whenever she has a cold or random stuffiness, we get DISGUSTING diapers that make me want to curl into fetal position in a corner and cry.  I may have been around Raven for over a year and 8 months, but I still don't enjoy changing diapers and it seems the poo situation is grosser and bigger than when she was an infant.  It is also awkward having to chase after her if I see she has a lumpy butt and try to feel for any surprises.  Then, when it is diaper changing time (poo or pee), she gets ANGRY and makes the whole diaper changing experience miserable with screaming and kicking as if it wasn't bad enough.  I DREAD having to change her diaper in public bathrooms or people's homes because she screams like I'm sawing off her leg while I'm trying to be as quick and calm as possible so I stop getting pity stares.  I can guarantee you I've prevented a few women from ever wanting children just based off of watching my toddler diaper changes.

I truly hope by the end of 2015, we can successfully potty train Raven.  She still has no idea why we use the toilet or how to communicate to us that she needs to use the restroom so it's just too early to try to teach her to pull down her pants and diaper and go potty.  But I will tell you this, when that day comes where she can poop in a toilet and flush it away will be a day I will always remember fondly.  I will find some hill to climb and twirl around on like Julie Andrews.  I'm literally tired of dealing with Raven's crap.  I will leave you with this (sorry if you are offended by its potty language but I think it's appropriate)...and wish me luck on potty training in the next year!

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