Monday, December 22, 2014

My Favorite TV Show EVER.

ThinkKit's prompt today was to talk about whatever us bloggers want!  I am going to talk to you about my favorite tv show ever, The Walking Dead!  If you haven't seen all the seasons and do not want any spoilers, please quit reading my  Now it's time to talk about the AWESOME that is The Walking Dead!

What I love about The Walking Dead or TWD, is that at a glance, you think this show is about people running from zombies, but that is really not the plot at all.  TWD goes in-depth into character development and relationships.  So many lives have been lost in a zombie apocalypse that strangers become your family or mortal enemy, there is not really a gray area.  The characters that are on TWD are from all different backgrounds and yet care so much for each other.  The show really is about relationships and what you would go through to protect the people you call family.

I don't believe any show has made me cry as much as TWD.  Since there are fights and zombies (aka walkers), no character is really safe from one season to the next.  A couple characters I didn't really care about when they died but here is a list (if you've seen the show) of the people who made me cry by their deaths.

*Sophia (comes back as a zombie too)
*Merle (just seeing Daryl cry did it for me)
*Lizzie  (not so much because I liked her but because it was so hard for Carol "Look at the flowers, Lizzie")
*Lori (I was pregnant at the time and her dying during childbirth made me cry for an hour straight, on top of Rick's reaction to her death is now making me get watery eyes just thinking of it)
*Beth (again, the look on Daryl's face carrying her made me die a little inside)

I did, however, love it when The Governor died.  What an ass!!!!!!!!!!!

I love just about everyone on this show who is a main character.  I really have no complaints about any way that the show has progressed besides the people I liked dying.  I feel like I can't explain how amazing this show is without having someone watch it for themselves.  I will say, though, that this is probably my all time favorite tv show and I will probably curl up and cry the day the last episode ever airs.  I love this show and am so happy to be part of its journey as viewer.

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