Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Thought I Knew You...

Today, ThinkKit has asked me what did I change my mind about this year?  In all honesty, I have changed my mind about what I think of certain people.  This post is going to be vague and I apologize for that but I'm not here to stir up drama for the certain individuals who I initially thought were good people, but I was wrong.  Now I'm not a saint (I enjoy cussing and a whiskey shot now and then), but I DO have a moral compass and would not cheat on my spouse, steal from strangers, spread mean lies about others, or be incredibly greedy.  Fortunately, the people who have disappointed me were never close friends of mine but I feel as I get older, it is important to surround myself with people who inspire me and are just generally good people!   It's better to have a few good friends than a bunch of fair weather friends.  I'm stepping off my soap box now. ;)  

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